Millions of blooms. Daily Circus high above the blooms on sway poles. Wildflower walks. Fun for all ages.

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Fields of Fabulous Flowers

This is really what KaBloom is all about, the splendour of millions of flowers across five acres of planting in the gorgeous Dandenong Ranges. This floral sensation will melt your heart and fill your soul.

Bespoke Flower Circus

Roll up, roll up to see the world’s first KaBloom Circus spectacular. Visitors will be treated to a show like no other as flower fairies, sprites and pixies emerge from the magical woods to delight and entertain. The troupe of sensational circus artists from Melbourne’s own ‘SWAY’ will perform on sway poles, five metres up in the air! Be enthralled by the sometimes cheeky and outlandish performers who will take you on a journey through the weird and wonderful world of BLOOM.

Circus Side Shows Throughout the day woodland sprites have a series of antics to show off ... Hula Hoops to have you in a spin with hilarious routines, Hand Balancing acts to astound, Contortion will have you in awe, the Giant Sway Pole acts will astound, Stilts and Acrobatics will amaze and Juggling will leave you wanting more.

PLUS Learn to become a circus super star yourself ... Ruccis Circus will be there with their circus workshops to show you how. Try out their equipment and learn some new skills to show off to friends and family.

*Timetable may be subject to change.

Tractor Train

Our tractor train departs from the Flower Station regularly, taking in the gorgeous scenery as it tours the farm. Passengers will enjoy audio full of information about how the farm began and how we grow and care for all the flowers. This is a wheelchair friendly ride and people with limited mobility and their carers ride free - and it stops at the bottom of the fields so you can get out and enjoy the blooms without having to walk long distances.

Wild Flower Meadows

Wonderful wild flower meadows. We are so looking forward to sharing these colourful fields with you. We have paths for you to walk through and be right in amongst the blooms. It is floral enchantment at its best.

Storytelling in the Fairy Garden

We have a magical glade in our farm that is home to a village of fairies and their cohorts. Fairies love flowers, so of course they flock here to be among them. Our fairy garden plays host to a very special story teller. Teague has long told the tales of the Silvan Glade and all the fae who dwell within it. Carrying the knowledge of the ages she loves to share her stories with the children who can carry on the folklore. Teague tells stories in the magical Fairy Garden.

Food and Drink

Enjoying so many flowers can be hungry and thirsty work, so it is important to keep fueled. We have food from around the world, catering for a range of dietary requirements and preferences.

Want something special? Picnic in style, check out The Posh Palais for the ultimate in a relaxing day in the fields. They organise everything for you, and will set you up in style with catering and beverages to enjoy.


We have a Nursery Shop filled with spring flowering bulbs as well as indoor and outdoor plants to indulge in. Our Fairy Shop is filled with magical wares. Our Lolly Shop is there to tempt you with a myriad of sweet treats. If you want to take something home for you or someone special, our Souvenir Shop will have just the thing with a sensational range of flower and circus themed gifts. Last, but most definitely not least is our Flower Market, after all, who comes to a flower festival without taking some home?! We have gorgeous bunches of seasonal, locally grown blooms to choose from.

Garden Games and Obstacle Course

What is a garden without a game or two?! We have a croquet lawn, giant chess, giant jenga, totem tennis, giant naughts and crosses to challenge your friends and family with. A fun and challenging outdoor obstacle course for all to enjoy - sit back and watch the kids, or show them how it is done! If you don’t have kids, then bring your friends and beat the pants off them. Our flower crate Meadow Maze is there to challenge young and old. Drumming workshops. Book in for our Easter Long Weekend our Eggsellent Egg Hunts.