KaBloom - Festival of flowers

Welcome to KaBloom!
April 6th to April 28th 2019
10am to 5pm daily.

KaBloom visit fabulous fields filled with hundreds of thousands of colourful flowers plus never before seen festival entertainment, fun activities and delicious foods. In 2019 we have an AMAZING show planned for you. Stay tuned for more information coming soon! Subscribe to our FaceBook and Instagram pages for regular updates or check back soon.

Get ready for a fantastic day out with friends and families – there is so much colour to enjoy.

This exciting event happens every autumn at Tesselaar Flower Farm, visitors will be treated to a visual spectacular with sensational fields of colourful blooms. The Tesselaar Tulip Festival has been running for over 60 years and the new sensation of KaBloom builds on the history and blooming bonanza in autumn, giving you double the opportunity to enjoy the world of flowers.

Breathtaking views and selfie opportunities abound in the fields with delightful Delphiniums, fascinating Foxgloves, super Snap Dragons, beautiful Begonias, zingy Zinnia, heart warming Hollyhocks, sizzling Salvia, darling Dahlias, cool Cosmos and plenty more.

Escape your dull world and revel in the rainbow at Tesselaar flower farm. 

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Stay tuned, it is going to be blooming amazing!